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Who Is Doing It?

A wide range of organizations are realigning the mission of their businesses to develop high quality products and services in a sustainable manner. International corporations including Ford, Mitsubishi Electric, Kodak, Interface Flooring, Electrolux, and Nike realize the need for incorporating sustainability into their business models and are pioneering methods and tools for implementing appropriate development strategies.

Locally, many companies are catching this wave as well.  Each year SQA awards organizations within education, government, nonprofit, and business that are moving toward what they call 'Sustainable Quality'. Local business award recipients include Patagonia, Santa Cruz Seaside, EcoGoods, Santa Cruz Credit Union, and others who recognize the value in applying principles of Sustainable Quality as a way to increase market resiliency.

Truly, sustainability is about solutions. Once accepted, it can reveal seeds of opportunity that are often overlooked. Businesses of all sizes are now committing to running their companies using sustainable quality principles. And, as more and more companies and countries move in this direction, defining your business as a socially responsible steward of the environment will become essential for your own economic success. 


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