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Registering for a 'Sustainability Reporting' Workshop.
Applying for an award (not available for the Monterey Bay Area at this time; see Santa Monica's SQA program).
Becoming an SQA Advisory Council team member.
Becoming an SQA Awards candidate Evaluator.
Volunteering for SQA projects
Contributing financially to support the efforts of SQA (please fill in 'other' under 'Contributions and Sponsorship' types below)
Becoming a corporate financial sponsor of SQA (see 'Contributions and Sponsorship' types below).
Registering with SQA to stay informed, but I am not ready to get involved.


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Note: Fees help to process your awards application and to continue efforts relating to Sustainable Quality projects and developments.

Large Business (100+ employees) $85
Small Business (<100 employees) $65
Government (City, County) $55
Non-Profit (All types) $45
Educational (Institution) $35
Individual (Nominated) $25
Not Applying


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$500 Advocate
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